Virgo Common Problems

Virgo - The Virgin
Dates: Aug’23-Sept’ 22 Favorite Color: Green, dark brown
Element: Earth Body Part: Nervous System
Group: Intellectual Planet: Mercury
Polarity: Negative Opposite: Pisces

Common Problems

Problem: You are often lonely as you cannot maintain your friendships for long.
Solution: Your critical spirit and your quarrelsome ways make you a pain to be with. Embrace your friends for who they are and be more charitable with their flaws. Then you will find companionship more easily.

Problem: People rarely want to get in touch with you.

Solution: Your obsessive preoccupation with health issues make others weary of you as that is about the only subject you bring up in your conversations. Learn to talk about a variety of topics and consider others’ interests as well. Never dispense advice on healthy living unless they are welcome.

Problem: You feel that your life is boring and you want more out of it.

Solution: Stop living life according to a set of fixed expectations or you will surely frustrate yourself. Take stock of your life and rediscover buried dreams and forgotten ambitions. It is never too late to live the life you really want. Just be honest to yourself and dare to make the necessary changes for true fulfillment.

Problem: You tend to give in to feelings of discouragement and doubt if you can ever achieve your goals.

Solution: Learn to play by your strong suits. You have good analytical skills, are able to communicate effectively with your colleagues, and can get the job done without trampling over others. Employ these strengths in your daily work and you will soon see how easily you can succeed.

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