Virgo Career & Money

Virgo - The Virgin
Dates: Aug’23-Sept’ 22 Favorite Color: Green, dark brown
Element: Earth Body Part: Nervous System
Group: Intellectual Planet: Mercury
Polarity: Negative Opposite: Pisces

Career & Money

Those bearing the Virgo zodiac sign are pragmatic and orderly. They are most suited for tasks that are of a meticulous and scientific nature. Put a Virgo in charge wherever there is chaos and you will surely get order in no time.

Quite the perfectionist, the Virgo is very demanding and will perform all tasks with great precision, allowing nothing short of excellence. If they feel they are not well-equipped for the job, Virgos are not afraid to learn and improve themselves. Virgos will excel as doctors, nurses, critics, writers and teachers.

Virgos are adept at balancing their accounts. Their preoccupation with order compels them to keep close tabs on their expenditure. They operate on a very strict budget and work hard to save money. Virgos love works of art and will fork out some dough for beautiful decorative items for their homes once in a while.

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