Taurus Common Problems

Taurus - The Bull
Dates: April 20 – May 20 Favorite Color: Pink
Element: Earth Body Part: Throat, Neck
Group: Emotional Planet: Snake
Polarity: Negative Opposite: Scorpio

Problem: There are times when you feel that you are merely being manipulated into doing something for someone else. You hate being such a pushover.

Solution: Understand that people face both positive and negative situations. Your sweet forbearing nature does not make you immune from nasty people. Next time, choose your friends with care. You do not have to tolerate those who do not know how to appreciate your friendship.

Problem: You are no longer interested in making it big in life and riches have lost their appeal. You feel like you have lost track of the normal pace of life and wonder if it’s due to depression.

Solution: Don’t worry! You are not going crazy. You have come to a point where you realize what truly matters in life, and are substituting your worldly values with spiritual ones. This is most commendable. However, be careful not to lose touch of reality – you still have to see to the needs of your family.

Problem: You suffer from intense jealousy and unexplained fears of loss. You are also constantly filled with suspicion and dread that others want to harm you.

Solution: Your fears are more often than not, groundless, so don’t take them seriously. Cut out all that negativity and cultivate a positive mindset. Tell yourself that you have enough brains to assess the hearts of people around you, so you don’t need to live in constant fear of suddenly being stabbed in the back. Your ability to manage your possessions will prevent losses, and your beautiful personality is more than enough to inspire loved ones to be faithful to you.

Problem: Life is meaningless and nothing brings you joy. You try to fill the emptiness you feel by indulging in physical gratification and fall easily into addictions.

Solution: Acknowledge that there is a spiritual dimension to life and that things in themselves mean nothing. If you want to experience true happiness in your physical life, you must first develop a joyful spirit within you.

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