Scorpio Friends & Family

Scorpio - The Scorpion
Dates:Oct’ 23-Nov’ 21Favorite Color:Dark Reds, black
Element:WaterBody Part:Reproductive
Group:IntellectualPlanet: Pluto, Mars

Friends & Family

Authenticity and honesty are qualities a Scorpio looks for in a friend. They also enjoy being with good-natured people who share their witty sense of humor. Scorpios do not open up easily but once a trusting bond is formed, they make loyal friends who would go to great lengths to prove their devotion. Unfortunately, they are so sensitive that any breach of trust is almost always irreparable and could well mean the end of a friendship. Those bearing the Scorpio sign are also faithful to their families and will fulfill any obligation readily. They are very supportive and will not fail to step in and help a relative in need.

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