Scorpio Common Problems

Scorpio - The Scorpion
Dates: Oct’ 23-Nov’ 21 Favorite Color: Dark Reds, black
Element: Water Body Part: Reproductive
Group: Intellectual Planet: Pluto, Mars
Polarity: Negative Opposite: Taurus

Common Problems

Problem: You have a severe inferiority complex. You suffer from a lot of self-hatred and reject other’s well-meaning offers to help.

Solution: Accept the fact that as human beings, we all have shortcomings and weaknesses. There is no need to beat yourself up for being human. What’s more, know that we can overcome our flaws or at the very least, make the best of them. Do not be afraid to accept sincere help from others. You will find healing as you learn to forgive and love yourself.

Problem: You realize that you are still not happy even though you have succeeded in making everything go your way.

Solution: Know that true happiness comes from within. When you are joyful on the inside, what happens on the outside cannot disturb you. This realization is good and will truly convict you that life isn’t all about what happens to you.

Problem: Your romantic relationships are normally strained and you have been through many broken relationships.

Solution: Your poor self esteem drives you to deride others in a misguided effort to boost yourself. This critical spirit will surely put your partner off and eventually cause a split up. Accept your partner as he/she is and be willing to accommodate even what you perceive as major flaws if you truly want a harmonious relationship.

Problem: People do not want to talk to you unless they have to and you are generally unwelcome in most conversations.

Solution: Your negative perception makes you feel that you have been wronged most of the time. This is unconsciously expressed through your speech and body language. Others do not appreciate your unconstructive contributions and simply avoid you altogether. Watch your words and behavior when you relate with other people. Or better still, change your attitude. Remember, if you are offended with others, you will become offensive!

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