Scorpio Career & Money

Scorpio - The Scorpion
Dates: Oct’ 23-Nov’ 21 Favorite Color: Dark Reds, black
Element: Water Body Part: Reproductive
Group: Intellectual Planet: Pluto, Mars
Polarity: Negative Opposite: Taurus

Career & Money

Gifted with an inquiring and highly analytical mind, Scorpios are the best candidates for any task that entails scientific or investigative methods. Their levels of concentration and determination are superb and guarantees successful completion of their goals every time. Highly focused, they more interested in getting the job done than finding friends through work. Scorpios are also skillful at troubleshooting, managing projects and creating effectual strategies.

Respect in the workplace is important to Scorpios. In order to work well, they must have respect for those they work with and also experience the respect of their colleagues. Suitable occupations are scientist, investigator, researcher, navigator and psychologist.

Scorpios manage their personal finances very well. They show tremendous monetary discipline and do not overspend even a single dollar above their budget. Money symbolizes power and stability – both of which are important to the Scorpio. Therefore, they are willing to work long and hard in order to achieve a tidy sum for themselves and are unlikely to part with any of their hard-earned cash if they can help it.

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