Sagittarius - The Centaur
Dates: Nov’ 22-Dec’ 21 Favorite Color: Purple
Element: Fire Body Part: Hips, Thighs
Group: Theoretical Planet: Jupiter
Polarity: Positive Opposite: Gemini

Astrological Profile

Sagittarius Horoscope
The optimistic Sagittarius is always in good spirits. They are cheerful and upbeat most of the time and believe that there is a positive side to everything. Sagittariuses are also very loyal to their country. Many war heroes bear the Sagittarius zodiac sign.

Sagittariuses are also renowned for their humor and wit. If they are around, be prepared for a healthy dose of laughter. Examples of famous Sagittarius comedians are Richard Pryor, Woody Allen and Dick Van Dyke. So if you want your social gathering to be a success, make sure you include a few Sagittariuses on your guest list. You won’t be disappointed.

Another notable quality of the Sagittarius is their sense of righteousness. They have a lot of integrity and will never be caught in acts of deceit. They also disapprove of dishonesty in others and are suitable for positions of high responsibility.

General Characteristics

Witty, giving, full of ideals

Blunt to the point of being crass, ill-mannered when feeling impatient, unable to make good on promises

Charismatic marks:
Lanky with sturdy legs, approachable, place more importance on comfort than appearances, women tend to be unladylike

Sightseeing, staying out-of-doors, being free, philosophy

Too much specifics, restrictions, bizarre ideas, needy people

Best environment:
The outdoors, being on the road

Famous People

Woody Allen, Winston Churchill, Dick Van Dyke, Steven Spielberg, Richard Pryor, Bruce Lee

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