Pisces Common Problems

Pisces - The Fish
Dates: Feb’ 19-Mar’ 20 Favorite Color: Sea-Green
Element: Water Body Part: Feet, Immune System
Group: Theoretical Planet: Neptune, Jupiter
Polarity: Negative Opposite: Virgo

Common Problems

Problem:  Others seem to be constantly taking advantage of you or being most inconsiderate to you.

Solution: It’s time to reconsider your strategy. Be firm and assertive but retain your composure. This is more effective than blowing your top in a fit of rage as people do not respond favorably when you are in a temper.

Problem: Although you earn as much as the rest of your buddies, you are the only one who goes broke within days of getting your paycheck!

Solution: The reason you are caught in this predicament is because you have unrealistic spending habits. You are usually guilty of splurging on unnecessary items and living way outside your means. Set a strict daily budget for yourself and make sure you keep to it! That will help curb your extravagance.

Problem: When you are down in the dumps, you tend to feel isolated in your despair and quickly end up depressed because you believe no one cares.

Solution: Learn to open up to others when you are feeling dejected. Only then can others share your pain and give you a shoulder to cry on. Don’t feel that you are burdening others with your troubles. You are entitled to friends too!

Problem: You seem to provoke arguments that cause strained or even broken relationships.

Solution: Loosen up. If you hold on too strongly to your ideals and strive to convert others, you may very well end up repelling all your friends. Do not expect others to share your philosophies or live up to your standards of living.

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