Pisces Career & Money

Pisces - The Fish
Dates: Feb’ 19-Mar’ 20 Favorite Color: Sea-Green
Element: Water Body Part: Feet, Immune System
Group: Theoretical Planet: Neptune, Jupiter
Polarity: Negative Opposite: Virgo

Career & Money

The best career path for the Pisces would be one that combines both their creative skills and their compassionate nature. Pisceses need to believe in what they do in order to find fulfillment in their jobs so occupations that have a humanitarian element would suit them perfectly. Examples are social worker, lawyer, veterinarian or doctor.

Pisceses possess a discerning ability that makes them expert troubleshooters. Other than that, they are also diligent, dependable and committed to their work. Almost every member of the Pisces zodiac is moved by the desire to change the situation around him/her for the better, and they are willing to put in more than is required to accomplish it.

Generally, Pisceses do not consider money a priority as they tend to be totally engrossed in their aspirations and ideals. However, they are also aware of the importance of money in helping them achieve their ambitions, and will definitely work at acquiring the necessary resources. Pisceses usually exhibit one or the other of the following spending habits: thoughtless splurging or excessive skimping. Either way, they always get through. 

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