Libra Career & Money

Libra - The Scales
Dates: Sept’ 23-October 22 Favorite Color: Blue
Element: Air Body Part: Kidneys
Group: Intellectual Planet: Venus
Polarity: Positive Opposite: Aries

Career & Money

Harmony is everything to the ones bearing the Libra sign and they incorporate this in their work life as well. Their tact smoothes out most differences before a conflict can arise. They are hard workers and inspiring leaders who strive to maintain truth and justice in all they do. The sociable Libra can also work well in a team.

Any job that promotes justice will appeal to a Libra. They will also excel in tasks that involve a lot of persuasion as they are gifted talkers. Artistic careers are good choices too. Suitable occupations include police officer, lawyer, judge, diplomat, interior decorator and fashion designer.

Their talent for keeping things in balance serves them well in the area of finance. Libras have no problem securing their nest egg while spending comfortably within their means. Libras love to buy gifts for their loved ones. However, always allocate more time than necessary when you are shopping with a Libra because they are awfully indecisive!

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