Leo Common Problems

Leo - The Lion
Dates: July 23-August 22 Favorite Color: Gold, Orange
Element: Fire Body Part: Heart, Spine
Group: Intellectual Planet: Sun
Polarity: Positive Opposite: Aquarius

Common Problems

Conflicts occur when specific traits and aspects of each sun sign are restrained, however Astrology allows us to identify these conflicts and develop proper responses and solutions, specific to each sun sign.  If you find that you are experiencing the problems below, try the solutions listed below, they will likely provide you with amazing results.

Problem: Agitation and anger when things don’t go your way.  This can break up a relationship and lead to depression.

Solution: You should keep an open mind.  Rather than having high expectations for yourself choose to help those around you, it will lead to happiness and serenity at home.

Problem: Your need to be the center of attention can be often times overwhelming to those around you, having an opposite effect on them and often times turning them away.

Solution: Don’t worry too much about others and simply concentrate on who you are and what makes you outgoing.  Concentrate on what attracts you to others and act in kind, and people will be sure to notice and be impressed by you.

Problem: You are unable to keep your ego in check, and are often times seen as belittling and pompous, thinking that you are better than everyone else.

Solution: While you must retain your sense of self worth and respect, you must recognize those who are greater than you, and learn to control your ego.

Problem: Your assumptions for what will be get the best of you, resulting in financial loss and losses in the personal life due to the lack of financial support at home.

Solution: You should keep an open mind and look at a situation from all points of view.  Involve your family in your financial decisions, as the outcome effects them as well.

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