Leo Career & Money

Leo - The Lion
Dates: July 23-August 22 Favorite Color: Gold, Orange
Element: Fire Body Part: Heart, Spine
Group: Intellectual Planet: Sun
Polarity: Positive Opposite: Aquarius

Career & Money

The Leo is highly motivated and energetic, preferring to always keep busy no matter the situation.  They are go getters with high ambition, always looking at things from a cup half full point of view.  They are highly loyal to their coworkers and employers; however their level of creativity and need to complete any project to the fullest often results in them being their own boss, to which they have a high preference for.

The high level of creativity and energy of the Leo makes them best suited to work in the arts and entertainment.  However their need to always work to the fullest and be in charge makes them well suited for managerial positions and politics.  The Lion is a natural leader.

The Lion’s loyalty and generosity is strong, and is always willing to help a friend, both emotionally and financially.  They enjoy the luxuries in life and are adept at spending money, however will just as easily give it away to a friend in need.  Their hardworking and positive attitude means they are never out of work, and there is always money to spend.

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