Capricorn - The Goat
Dates: Dec’ 22-Jan’ 19 Favorite Color: Brown
Element: Earth Body Part: Bones, Teeth
Group: Theoretical Planet: Saturn
Polarity: Negative Opposite: Cancer

Astrological Profile

Capricorn Horoscope
The pragmatic Capricorn can sense at once whether a new concept is going to work. Their forthright attitude also means that if they think you fall short, they will have no problem telling it “to your face”. Capricorns are great at improvising too. They are quick to adopt good ideas and can make all the necessary adjustments to make them perfect for the given situation.

Those bearing the Capricorn zodiac are generally people with grand ambitions. However, though they go all out to succeed, you can be sure that they will do so with great integrity. Capricorns are very responsible in their duties as they are disciplined people who accomplish their work with a spirit of excellence.

People born under this sign have an easygoing temperament and can maintain their composure even when relating with irascible people. They are also very understanding people who can listen to others pour out their woes with much patience. Capricorns are humorous too! They have a more satirical bent though and their jokes are often tongue-in-cheek.

General Characteristics

Dependable, well-disciplined, a good leader, humorous (albeit a little on the dark side)

Have a tendency to be snobby smart-alecks, pessimistic, vindictive

Charismatic marks:
Have an average build and are generally lax in the area of physical fitness though they have no problem getting in shape

Family, time-honored traditions, skillful handiwork, maintaining a  low profile, music

One thing or another at any given time

Best environment:
Affirmative work environment, modern settings that are also rich in culture, situations where they are in control

Famous People

J.R. Tolkien, Isaac Newton, Elvis Presley, Martin Luther King, Muhammad Ali

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