Cancer Health

Cancer - The Crab
Dates: June 21 – July 22 Favorite Color: White, Silver
Element: Water Body Part: Stomach, Breasts
Group: Emotional Planet: Moon
Polarity: Negative Opposite: Capricorn


The Cancer sign rules many parts of the body – the female reproductive system, gastrointestinal system, chest, breasts and elbows. Many people think that the terminal illness, cancer which also afflicts various body parts derived its name from this zodiac sign. That is a misconception. The name of the sickness actually has a Latin origin. In Latin, the word cancer means “crab”.  The blood vessels around a malignant tumor in cancer patients look like the claws of crab. That is the real reason why the disease is called cancer.

Cancers are prone to many different types of sicknesses. For example, breast cancer, inflammation of the lungs, hemorrhoids, dropsy and varicose veins. These in turn can cause stomach disorders. Cancers are also prone to cough and poor eyesight.

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