Cancer Friends & Family

Cancer - The Crab
Dates:June 21 – July 22Favorite Color:White, Silver
Element:WaterBody Part:Stomach, Breasts
Group:EmotionalPlanet: Moon

Friends & Family

Cancers make great parents as those born under this zodiac sign hold strong traditional and familial values. Family is always top priority to this sign. This is obvious from the warmth and comfort of their homes and their devotion to family members. Cancers are willing to sacrifice and put aside personal differences in order to keep the peace in the family. They are also very sentimental creatures who set a great store by family albums and ancestral history.

Though family always comes first, Cancers appreciate their friendships too. They will never turn down a friend’s request for help, unless it clashes with family duties. As Cancers are the homely type, their favorite friends will be those who share their love of visiting and house parties. Friends may find it difficult to understand a Cancer’s emotional depth and heart responses to most issues but it is nothing to worry about. More time spent together will easily resolve that.

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