Cancer - The Crab
Dates:June 21 – July 22Favorite Color:White, Silver
Element:WaterBody Part:Stomach, Breasts
Group:EmotionalPlanet: Moon

Astrological Profile

Cancer Horoscope
People bearing the Cancer sign are so loving, you can almost consider them emotional. Cancers make up the greater part of caring folks on this earth. They cherish family and friends dearly and are usually doting pet owners too.

They are also highly creative and make gifted artists or designers. Cancers have a wonderful imagination and tend to gravitate to artistic environments where they can express their talents.

Those born under the Cancer zodiac sign are also very industrious and can work all day long. Other positive traits include being brave, innovative and energetic. Cancers are also cautious people who will never be caught doing anything rash or dangerous, and they never venture into anything without conducting a thorough background research on the subject first.

On the downside, they can be over-emotional and hypersensitive. Other negative aspects include self pity, possessiveness, impatience and deceit. Cancers are also known to be self-centered, thoughtless and hot-tempered.

General Characteristics

Compassionate, thoughtful, defensive, steadfast
Controlling, unable to let go of the past, lack confidence, have a bad magpie habit
Charismatic marks:
Average build, round face, busty (women)
Hanging out in an aquatic environment, art, domestic hobbies, socializing with friends, helping those near and dear to them
Outsiders, personal revelation, any negative comments of their mother
Best environment:
Their own household where they are near family, friends and all things familiar

Famous People

Prince William, Mike Tyson, Tom Cruise, King Henry VIII, Bill Cosby, Georgio Armani,

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