Aries Common Problems

Aries - The Ram
Dates: March 21 – April 19 Favorite Color: Red
Element: Fire Body Part: Head
Group: Emotional Planet: Dragon
Polarity: Positive Opposite: Libra

Common Problems

Each and every zodiac sign influences those born under it with distinct characteristics that affect many areas of their lives. Failure to identify these traits can cause problems. That is why people use astrology to improve their quality of life. Depending on the unique traits of each zodiac sign, strengths can be accentuated and weaknesses minimized. If you are an Arian, you would probably be familiar with most of the problems shown below. Don’t worry though, effective solutions are provided to help you overcome these problems. Try them! You’d be surprised at what you can achieve by learning to express yourself positively.

Problem: Many of your plans and projects end in failure; and most of your human relationships are filled with quarrels and strife.

Solution: Stop trying to “make things happen”. Embrace your role as a thinker. You have a tremendous ability to come up with innovative ideas. However, in order to succeed, you need to inspire the people around you to help you carry them out. Learn to listen more instead of giving orders all the time.

Problem: You tend to be unfocused and any decisiveness you show is merely put on. You are also an inconsistent person who does not think things through.

Solution: Your actions are merely a reflection of the turmoil within. Do some soul-searching. There may be some sensitive matters of the heart that you chose to ignore over the years. Running away from your pain isn’t going to help. You must overcome them in order to be truly free.

Problem: You are not well-received because people feel that you are insensitive.

Solution: In order to be popular, learn to look at things from other people’s point of view. Even if you have a point, accept that others may see things differently. It is not wrong to express your opinion but do it with tact and you will become more socially acceptable.

Problem: You always find yourself in situations where you are humiliated and unkindly treated. You feel things always seem to go wrong and you are unwillingly trapped in a dispute.

Solution: Learn to be discriminating. Don’t go into something blindly. Find out first whether the conditions will be favorable to you. Go through all the possibilities before getting involved in anything. In short, look before you leap.

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