Aquarius Common Problems

Aquarius - The Water Bearer
Dates: Jan’ 20-Feb’ 18 Favorite Color: Turquoise
Element: Air Body Part: Ankles
Group: Theoretical Planet: Uranus, Saturn
Polarity: Positive Opposite: Leo

Common Problems

Problem: You are often all by yourself and you envy the companionship others enjoy.

Solution: Practice more tolerance and quit being such a nitpicker. When you start to embrace people as they are, your social life will improve tremendously.

Problem:  You feel like you are always losing out on love.

Solution:  Your self-inhibitions actually prevent you from making a real connection with another person so do not be afraid to allow others to see your true self. You must dare to receive love in order to be loved.

Problem: When it comes to that big project or promotion, you seem to be passed over every time.

Solution: Stop relying on your own abilities to get the job done. Learn to work with others as a team because being the lone wolf just doesn’t cut it here.

Problem: You suffer from frequent illness and seem to be physically weaker than most people.

Solution: Bottling up your emotions inside can hurt you. Unsettled emotional turbulence within affects your physical health too so learn to express yourself emotionally and you will find your health improving.

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