Aquarius Career & Money

Aquarius - The Water Bearer
Dates: Jan’ 20-Feb’ 18 Favorite Color: Turquoise
Element: Air Body Part: Ankles
Group: Theoretical Planet: Uranus, Saturn
Polarity: Positive Opposite: Leo

Career & Money

Those having the Aquarius zodiac are very enthusiastic in their work and especially enjoy tasks that involve expression. Combined with their creative abilities, their intelligence enables them to undertake challenging assignments that require a lot of lateral thinking. Any job that involves concept development would appeal to Aquariuses. Their altruistic nature would also steer them towards occupations with a humanitarian aspect.

People born under the Aquarius sign are exceptional individuals who can do wonders if given the space and freedom to put their natural abilities to work. Aquariuses perform best with minimal guidelines and lots of creative liberty. They enjoy working in an environment where there is a no holds barred policy. Suitable careers include teaching, writing, acting, piloting or photography.

Aquariuses have no problem managing their finances. They know what they really need, and can strike a reasonable balance between how much they can spend and how much they have to save. Extravagant items with lots of bling are sure to draw their attention on shopping trips. They are also likely to indulge in striking, bold-colored outfits due to their individualistic taste.

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