What’s Your Financial IQ?

Zodiac signs have been used to identify personality traits for years. Are you the type of person who can never stick to a budget no matter how hard you try? Or are you one of those fortunate ones who always spend according to plan? Do you have the ability to save up for a rainy day or do you start borrowing from friends long before your next paycheck arrives? Although different individuals possess different monetary values, learning how to increase your financial IQ will enhance your quality of life in ways you never imagined.

Zodiac signs associated with money consciousness include Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer and Scorpio. The meticulous Capricornian starts drawing up his/her savings plan as soon as he/she starts getting income so you can be sure that this sign will always have enough stashed away for emergencies. In fact, they would probably be managing their retirement fund by now!
Taureans on the other hand, enjoy extravagant lifestyles but are sensible enough to take great measures to ensure a comfortable living in the days ahead. Cancerians are terribly insecure by nature and it is this financial apprehension that drives them to prepare well for the future; whereas Scorpians save in order to maintain financial autonomy. A Scorpian’s independent streak will never allow him/her to live a life hampered by monetary restrictions.
The Virgo zodiac sign is often associated with good money management. However, nothing could be further from the truth! Contrary to popular belief, Virgoans are very careless with their money. However, they usually realize their mistake later on in life and eventually learn to make their money work for them.
The ever optimistic Fire zodiac signs – Aries, Sagittarius, Leo – have so much faith in their good fortune that the very idea of having to save in case of an emergency is ludicrous to them. Their reasoning is: even if they should ever face a financial dilemma, providence will somehow make a way, so why worry! Those born under these zodiac signs need a more realistic partner to keep them grounded.
The Water zodiac sign, Pisces is unrealistic too but for different reasons altogether. Though they don’t bank on good luck to bail them out, they are financially incompetent because they can’t be bothered to keep tabs on their expenditure, hoping that things would just sort themselves out magically – which of course, doesn’t happen in real life.

The Libra zodiac sign may be great spendthrifts; however, they hate borrowing from others and will make sure they have a considerable reserve at hand to avoid such an embarrassment. The other two Air zodiac signs, Gemini and Aquarius do not share the Libran’s sentiments though, and often skirt near the poverty line without remorse.
Now that you have identified your natural inclination towards money matters, take the necessary steps to improve your financial intelligence for a more productive life. You will be glad you have done so.

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