The Art of Fengshui

Fengshui – pronounced foong shoo-way – has its origins in Chinese wisdom. The literal translation of the term in Mandarin is ‘wind’ (feng) and ‘water’ (shui). The ancients believe that both wind and water are considered the most basic elements of nature.

According to the Chinese, the ‘qi’ or life force that constantly flows around us has a direct effect on the quality of our lives. Practicing Fengshui (or Feng Shui) is all about harnessing this natural energy effectively for personal enhancement. ‘Balance’ is the key to maintaining harmony in Fengshui. So essentially, Fengshui is the art of keeping the Yin and Yang; plus the five elements in perfect equilibrium within every area of life.

This optimal balance and harmony of ‘qi’ can be accomplished in two main ways. First of all, as far as it depends on you, choose a location (whether for your house, office etc.) that already has an excellent flow of ‘qi’. That would mean, ideally, a place within an uncorrupted natural environment. Since that is near impossible, good Fengshui is best achieved by restructuring your given environment.

This can be done with the help of modern intelligence like landscape design, interior decoration or architectural remodeling. A good Fengshui master can identify your energy type and suggest a suitable working/living environment. Following that, a harmonious setting can be easily and inexpensively achieved through lighting, color and furniture layout.

Though there are many strict technicalities involved, it is worth observing every detail as Fengshui has a proven track record in Chinese history. In fact, this Chinese ‘Science of Placement’ has become a fashionable trend with home and business owners everywhere.

Did you know that you can apply Fengshui to yourself too? There are two parts to personal Fengshui – your birth and your lifestyle. First, you must take into consideration when and where you were born. Of course there is nothing much you can change about that, so greater emphasis is usually placed on using the wisdom of Fengshui to direct your way of life.