January Zodiac Sign

Capricorn - The Goat

January 1 – January 19


Aquarius - The Water Bearer

January 20 – January 31


See what is the zodiac sign for each day of January

January 1 (1st) Capricorn
January 2 (2nd) Capricorn
January 3 (3rd) Capricorn
January 4 (4th) Capricorn
January 5 (5th) Capricorn
January 6 (6th) Capricorn
January 7 (7th) Capricorn
January 8 (8th) Capricorn
January 9 (9th) Capricorn
January 10 (10th) Capricorn
January 11 (11th) Capricorn
January 12 (12th) Capricorn
January 13 (13th) Capricorn
January 14 (14th) Capricorn
January 15 (15th) Capricorn
January 16 (16th) Capricorn
January 17 (17th) Capricorn
January 18 (18th) Capricorn
January 19 (19th) Capricorn
January 20 (20th) Aquarius
January 21 (21st) Aquarius
January 22 (22nd) Aquarius
January 23 (23rd) Aquarius
January 24 (24th) Aquarius
January 25 (25th) Aquarius
January 26 (26th) Aquarius
January 27 (27th) Aquarius
January 28 (28th) Aquarius
January 29 (29th) Aquarius
January 30 (30th) Aquarius
January 31 (31st) Aquarius

Capricorn Dec’ 22-Jan’ 19

The pragmatic Capricorn can sense at once whether a new concept is going to work. Their forthright attitude also means that if they think you fall short, they will have no problem telling it “to your face”. Capricorns are great at improvising too. They are quick to adopt good ideas and can make all the necessary adjustments to make them perfect for the given situation.
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Aquarius Jan’ 20-Feb’ 18

Those born under the Aquarius sign are generally erratic. Their behavior and temperament are so unpredictable that it is impossible to define their personality type. However, they usually make wonderful first impressions. At first sight, an Aquarius will come across as a most charming and well-mannered person. People find them very interesting company as they are active and adventurous by nature.
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