Taurus and Virgo Compatibility

Earth and Earth! Together, you two could make mountains. Your compatibility is very high.

You will enjoy your partner’s sense of responsibility and perseverance. Virgos are well-organized and communicative, enjoying sharp conversation and interesting discussions. On top of this, Virgo is so devoted and faithful (the Virgin of the zodiac) that you will never have to question her intentions. And one last quality you will fall in love with – with a Virgo you will build a peaceful, relaxing home, something that a Taurus quests for. If you have found your Virgo, you really should not look any further!

Virgo, despite being an Earth sign, is flexible and willing to compromise, something you will appreciate. And he shares your capacity for patience and your appreciation of realism, having her feet firmly set in the ground, where yours are. Virgo’s sense of responsibility may lead her to worry a tad too much… but that is okay, because Taurus enjoys comforting people and making them feel relaxed, so you will help her unwind and calm down.

Virgo can be a little reserved, so you must be patient with him and bide your time. Once he opens up to you, you will find a very sensitive, loving person inside. You two are so similar that making love will always be fulfilling and enjoyable, as well. Virgo’s need to read and learn new things will also guarantee a degree of creativity and imagination.

Your relationship with a Virgo is nearly Heaven-sent. The only problem you may run into is how predictable both of you are. This is honestly fine, as Earth signs enjoy habit-making and a certain dosage of sameness.