Taurus and Taurus Compatibility

Earth and Earth… oh, the stability! The two of you are so alike, it will sometimes be like looking straight into a mirror!

Taurus needs a partner that s/he can trust, and this is exactly what you can find in another Taurus. Devotion, faithfulness, a small amount of possessiveness (this is only another manifestation of your love for one another, of course.) You both are so sensual, so comfortable around one another; so practical with money and tolerant; so patient and diplomatic; you are the perfect couple.

You share so many endearing qualities that even I am jealous thinking about it!

The big problem: your enormous amount of stability in the relationship could lead to stagnation. Taurus is a Bull who enjoys habit and routines never changing, but you both may find yourself bored with one another if you don’t inject a little creativity or imagination! Some days, try changing it up, bring your partner on a picnic, send them a card and flowers at work… something to spice up life a little. You both enjoy the little things, and a little sentiment goes a long way for a Taurus.

Your sex life will be intuitive and sensational, full of touching and a slow-moving passion. Of course, this, too, can get boring if you don’t try and change things every once in awhile.

Tauruses are made for one another. You are so alike, so gentle… everything about you is made for the other. Learn to detect when your partner is getting bored and find something that s/he enjoys to do, and you won’t regret having another Taurus in a relationship.