Taurus and Scorpio Compatibility

Earth and Water, definitely a fulfilling relationship! Taurus and Scorpio are very compatible; enjoy your relationship while it lasts (it may be awhile.)

Scorpio has a deep, hidden sea of feelings and emotions that will be mysterious and mystical to you. Scorpio has a hard time understanding his feelings himself, and as a result it will take a lot of time and patience before he will open up fully to you and explain himself. He will only do so if he judges that you are worth it; and oh, you and Scorpio get along so well he will be sharing his secrets before he knows it!

Scorpio is charming and jealous, believing jealousy to be, in part, a show of love. Taurus has no problem with this, being a jealous sign as well. Be careful, however… Scorpio is also the sign of obsessions and if he does not pay attention may lose control of his feelings. It is up to the stable and faithful Taurus to anchor Scorpio and give him the support he needs in order to not lose control.

You, dear Taurus, are good at patience and being understanding, and this is exactly what your Scorpio needs in order to open up. Underneath Scorpio’s calm front, there is an unexpected fragility that the diplomat in you will need to handle with care. Scorpio will only open up to you if she believes you will treat her carefully and with genuine emotion.

Scorpio’s intuition will creep into your soul, seeing things that you have barely even registered. Do not be alarmed or upset by this, or try to rationalize it. Scorpio is simply good at knowing certain things. You should be happy your partner knows you so well!

Financially you will do well together. Scorpio is good at making money and you are good at saving it. You prefer to buy practical, useful things around the house which will be fine with both of you. Oh, and you will be spending a lot of time at home. Neither Taurus nor Scorpio enjoys going out on the town very much, preferring a quiet night spent together at home on the couch with a movie. You compliment one another in this way.

Expect your Scorpio to take making love very seriously. Taurus enjoys showing tenderness and sensuality, touching and enjoyment. Scorpio is passionate, letting his true love shine through the art of making love. You will need to expand your horizons in order to keep up with your partner in this sense.

This relationship can not be an easy one if you push your partner on too many subjects. It takes time and patience and more time before Scorpio will fully open up to you and put her fragile heart in your hands. She must be certain that you will not break it before you can begin to have a fulfilling relationship. Be trustworthy and faithful to your Scorpio, and she will never desert you.