Taurus and Sagittarius Compatibility

Earth and Fire… these relationships are either heart-breakers or deal makers. The compatibility is just too unstable.

Sagittarius is exuberant, independent, freedom-loving, full of energy and vigor. You may be attracted by his whirlwind attitude towards everything, his surprising depth of emotion and his straightforward nature. Just remember, dear Taurus, that Sagittarius is a double-edged sword.

The biggest problem of this relationship is the activity. Sagittarius wants to get up and move, travel around the world, see all of the sights. And if that’s not possible, at the very least he wants you to come every day to the gym or to play tennis or basketball with him!

Sagittarius does not plan, does not wish for stability and chases change every day. This is so different than you… Taurus is a stable, fixed sign that prefers staying home over going out, and would prefer their partner to be rational and trustworthy. While Sagittarius will most likely be faithful to you, he is out so often how are you going to be assured of this?

Sagittarius’s straightforward nature, while attractive, will hurt you more than it helps the situation. When you are in an argument, instead of packaging something in a nice way, he will just blurt it out (maybe, “You are so lazy!” or “You are such a stubborn Bull.”) Most of the time, he won’t even realize if he has hurt your feelings or not, and probably won’t care to notice. His precise, critical assessments of your nature will not be welcome.

Although Sagittarius is flexible and adaptable… it may not be enough to save your partnership. Sagittarius wants freedom above all else, and prefers short-term relationships to long-term. Taurus is looking for a life partner, someone to spend the rest of his/her life with. Sagittarius will not appreciate this nor your possessiveness.

Surprisingly, you are both financially capable. You may consider becoming business partners, it would do much better than a romantic relationship.

Oh, and you will find yourself disappointed with your sex life as well. Sagittarius treats sex, like everything else in her life, as a game, a sport to do well at. Taurus is sensitive and sentimental, preferring a partner who takes sex seriously and recognizes it for its romantic value. Be warned: Sagittarius will not see your disappointment.

If you can break from your stubborn nature and change your ways, this relationship may work. Sagittarius is flexible, but only to a certain point. If you are seriously considering a relationship with a Sagittarius, expect to get up and move more than you are used to, and drop the jealousy… your partner will thank you for it.