Taurus and Pisces Compatibility

Earth and Water… now here is a partner you can build a house with together!

Taurus is a lover of art, and Pisces is indeed a creator of art. Pisces is a dreamer, mystical and mysterious, characterized by an enormous capacity for self sacrifice. You will fall in love with his mysterious charm, his artistic knowledge and altruism.

Of course, there are also a few things your Fish needs to be taught. Pisces do not understand earthly things, and often fall prey to insecurity and self-conscious moods. They are wasteful and careless with money, and tend to let others take advantage of them. You will need to be a stable support for your partner, teaching her the value of money and self-worth.

Pisces prefers being dominated, and this suits you just fine. However, this need to be dominated often stems from Pisces lack of self-confidence and ego problems. You need to shower love and adoration on your partner, giving them positive affirmation and encouragement about how great they are. Do not let your partner fall into a bad mood… Pisces can sink very deep within the ocean.

In return, Pisces will fall in love with you mind and body. You will get what you want often, just remember not to abuse or take advantage of your little Fish. She has endless amounts of faithfulness, tenderness and affection for you, and when the two of you make love you can really feel the love radiating from his body. Pisces uses his intuition and emotions in order to feel out what you like best.

The main problem with your relationship may very well be money. Pisces would rather spend money on orphans, charities, a painting that she feels intuitively about, rather then save it for the future. Taurus is very forward-thinking, and Pisces tends to live in the present. If you try to be too practical with your partner, you may lose her. Pisces’s mysteriousness does not include pragmatism and being a realist.

If you are willing to reevaluate how important money and materialism is to you, a Pisces has a lot to offer – an ocean of love, faithfulness and devotion. Your compatibility is high, and you would do well to consider a Pisces as a partner.