Taurus and Libra Compatibility

Earth and Air… be prepared to be left far behind as your partner breezes around the sky. Taurus and Libra are only compatible if you compromise much. Love works in mysterious ways, but the gap may be too large…

Libra lives on communication. Libra holds the balances to the world, and must make sense of everything. He does this by talking your ear off! This will be very novel, very intellectually stimulating in the beginning of your relationship, but some days, when you come home exhausted from work, you will wish he would just shut up!

Libra tends towards traveling. She wants to go out, take you with her, and enjoy the world while she can. You would prefer to build a peaceful home, one you can get comfortable and relax in. Libra will use her charming manner and diplomacy in order to lure you out of your home, bring you out of your comfort zone. If you are willing to change, then this may be just what you need to see a new side of the world. If you are stubborn, like so many Earth signs are, then it will lead to conflict.
Of course, no matter how angry you may get with one another, no matter how fair a Libra flies, he will come back to you, simply because you are right where you were when he left. Libra enjoys your stability and devotion.

Although Libra seems undecided about an issue, it is simply because of her propensity of seeing both sides of an argument. Libras are quite determined and do not succumb very easily, so you will have to learn to compromise and give up dreams of having the leadership position in your relationship. You are stubborn, your Libra is determined, and thus it will remain.

Libra thrives on communication, and not just with you. He enjoys going out to parties, talking on the phone, visiting with friends. Libra loves people. This is the characteristic of an Air sign, and as I’ve said Libra is also faithful, so put aside your jealousy when your partner goes out. She will always invite you and has nothing to hide about it.

Your sex life is bound to be perfect. After all, you are both governed by Venus!

In order for this relationship to work, you will need to understand that your Libra thrives on communication and intellectual stimulation. While flexible, she also needs you to give in at times and compromise. This may be hard for you, dear Taurus, but if it is for your love and partnership, it is definitely worth trying.