Taurus and Leo Compatibility

Taurus and Leo… Earth and Fire. These two zodiac signs don’t often work together, but the stars suggest your relationship with a Leo could go either way.

You are both interested in the material world, though for sometimes different reasons. Taurus and Leo are both artistic, enjoying beautiful paintings and vases. However, Leo also wants to buy expensive things to show off, to tell others how accomplished and successful she is. This will lead to Leo buying sometimes-extravagant and, to you personally, useless items. Although Leo will be impressed with herself, you will think only of how wasteful she is being. Of course, you are both so good at making money that you should never have bank account woes.

The Lion is proud and unable to give up his leadership, preferring you to follow in behind him. You, the Bull, are stubborn and disagreeable when others try to lead you. This may lead to some complications. If you learn to give in when your Leo really wants something, however, maybe he will learn to give you your way as well… though I doubt it.

Leo is such an egoistical sign, wishing only to be the center of the universe. In order to placate this big Cat, you will have to reaffirm this often, piling adoration and love upon your lover. This will get exhausting over time. No matter how much you feed Leo’s Fire, he will only wish you pile more fuel into it, making it bigger and more full of himself.

Sexually, you won’t find more passion than a Taurus and Leo together. You both enjoy making love slowly, artistically, and Leo adds a dose of dramatic and theatrical fervor that you will always find enjoyable and entertaining. As well, Leo will appreciate your loving and doting nature.

As business partners, you would do well. Leo is good at initiating projects, and Taurus is the perfect choice for maintaining them.

If you two don’t work out as lovers, maybe you should consider going into business together?