Taurus and Gemini Compatibility

Earth and Wind. Be careful, or Gemini’s windstorm may just tear you up… of course, a little change is good every once in awhile, but Taurus can be so stubborn at times that you are an immoveable rock against Gemini’s high energy.

Air and Earth signs are very different from one another. Gemini enjoys risks, has a special gift for being versatile and flexible, enjoys witty, intellectual conversations (this is something you both enjoy), and prefers to make decisions instantaneously rather than think about it.

You take your time with decisions, and you realize the importance of being slow with decisions. Taurus is pragmatic and realistic… your Gemini will not appreciate you for this. Gemini prefers to make decisions on the move, in the air, always impatient and dancing around (like a gust of wind) waiting for the next decision.

Gemini is not materialistic, and prefers going out to staying home. This will scare you, who has worked so hard for your savings and your nice, comfortable home; surrounded by all of your practical belongings. Gemini’s goals are just so different than yours!

Despite your inflexibility, you have a lot of patience to give. Gemini will tax this with all of his chatter and questions – Why won’t you go out more? Why do you care about money so much? Why not live a little and to Hell with the consequences? Gemini’s impatience will get on your nerves, no doubt, as well as his insistent chatter.

Taurus wants to be in a relationship for the long-term, always thinking about marriage. This sort of talk will scare a Gemini away, as this is precisely what she does not want. Gemini prefers freedom and independence to stability and reliance on a loved one. Of course, your partner does not wish to break your heart or make you upset, it’s merely how the adolescent of the zodiac is…

Ahhh… your sex life. Gemini finds you too slow-moving, you will see your partner as being too hasty. You wish to enjoy yourself, Gemini wants to put all of his energy into making love and move on to the next activity!

Taurus and Virgo relationships are very difficult and taxing on both of you. You will expect a lot of flexibility out of your partner, and Virgo will test your patience again and again… if I were you I simply wouldn’t bother.