Taurus and Capricorn Compatibility

Earth signs tend to do well together! This is a promising, compatible relationship; one you should definitely consider investing your time in.

Earth signs are alike in so many agreeable ways, you and your partner should get along quite well. You are both financially capable, understanding how to save for the future. Capricorn is an ambitious, hard worker, and enjoys social climbing, so you will nearly always be guaranteed a place in the world.

Another great point between the two of you is that you understand the importance of a harmonious and peaceful home. Both of you would rather stay in for a quiet, relaxing evening on a Friday night than deal going to a hectic party. As well, you both understand and value devotion and faithfulness. Earth signs have a tendency towards jealousy, so it is good indeed that you know how to devote yourself to your partner. You are both in this relationship for the long-term, and more often than not Taurus and Capricorn gets married in the end.

One problem you may run into is Capricorn’s introverted shyness. The Goat is very slow to open up to their lovers, and you will need much patience and warmth in order to get past your lover’s shell. However, Taurus is governed by Venus, and you have so much sensitivity and deep emotions this should be easy to wait through.

Once your partner has opened up to you more, you will find a surprising sensitivity, and a high sense of humor, often ironic. With a Capricorn, you will always find a laugh or three each day together.

Capricorns are known for their pessimistic, very pragmatic views on life, so expect your partner to see the worst possibility in every problem.

As for your sex life… remember that Capricorn is rather reserved and will take a lot of time to warm up to you. However, Tauruses are famous for their love making (you are governed by Venus after all!) and your sensuality should be enough to melt Capricorn’s shell after a little while.

In brief, you Taurus and Capricorn are very good life partners, and often stay with one another with little problems. Show patience, faithfulness, and devotion to your partner, and you will certainly receive the same.