Taurus and Cancer Compatibility

Your Earth will be the bedrock to Cancer’s ocean. Your safety and stability is exactly what a Cancer craves in life, and likewise, the two of you share similar goals and dreams. This is a match that the stars eagerly agree with.

Taurus and Cancer are so similar! You wish for a family, a harmonious home, financial stability, and above all faithfulness and devotion. Cancers tend to be insecure about themselves, and you will be their to support and encourage your partner when they most need it.

Financial security is something important to both of you. Taurus is good at making investments, and Cancer is good at governing what is bought when – often on sale. Unlike other Earth signs, but definitely true to a Water sign, you both enjoy buying objects for beauty, creating a well-decorated home and having a nice wardrobe to boot.

Taurus’s tendency towards being protective will definitely be useful with the insecure Cancer. Cancer will sometimes delve into the low depths of her emotions, becoming moody and upset over nothing. Taurus’s ability to heal, to love devotedly and encourage will help your partner overcome these bad moods, and even more win her over to you.

Your sexual life will be just what you dreamed of : slow, sensual, full of emotion and declarations of love. The mental bond between the two of you will be shown full force in your bedroom.

Therefore, a Taurus and a Cancer were nearly made for one another! You are so very compatible, dear Taurus, and should look no further for a long-term relationship.