Taurus and Aries Compatibility

Often, Earth and Fire do not create very stable relationships. The stars do not recommend that you get involved with an Aries… but if you must, love does sometimes work miracles!

You two are so different, it is a wonder where you might have met! Aries is energetic, boisterous and exhausting to be around. Taurus is a calm, stubborn Bull who doesn’t welcome change. You seem so incompatible! Aries is impetuous and makes decisions in the blink of an eye… Taurus would prefer plans which have been well thought out. When you two start a discussion about something, remember that neither of you are willing to back down – you from your stubbornness, Aries from his need to always be on top, to always come out the victor.

If Aries opens up and tries to listen to you, your stable and rational decision-making may come of use to both of you. Aries tends to make foolish decisions, and if she can learn from her mistakes with your help, your relationship may yet be saved. That is, of course, if your partner can first admit that she makes mistakes!

If you can come to a compromise, and get out of the house more often with your partner, you might find yourself pleasantly surprised. Aries knows how to have a good time and wishes only that you could see from his point of view. You will surely admire his ambition and initiative, Aries’ courage to take on any challenge, and make any project work.

Your positions on what sex should be like are so different it may be irritating. Aries thinks sex should be fast-fast-fast, full of explosive energy. Taurus is sensual and slow, wanting a long prelude to the act of making love and wishing to enjoy every moment. If you two can teach one another, learning a balance between lightning quick and turtle-slow, your sex life may yet have hope… however this comes back to just how stubborn each of you really are.

This relationship will work if Taurus can speed up, and if Aries can slow down. Thinking about the long-term, you will only get exhausted and burned out, however. Aries is much more stubborn than you and if he is finding things aren’t going his way, he will just move on. Fire cannot burn rock, and rock can’t do much with Fire either.