Taurus and Aquarius Compatibility

Earth and Air… if you find yourself in a relationship with an Aquarius, you will often be left far behind, left on the ground while your partner rides the next gust of wind away from you. This is not a recommended relationship.

Aquarius represents everything a you are not. Aquarius seeks change in everyday routine and lives in the clouds of her dreams. You are a stable, fixed sign, preferring to live in the present and work with what you have, your feet firmly on the ground. Aquarius wants to change the world, and although his intellect and charm will fascinate and seduce you, Aquarius does not have the feelings and emotions to back up your solid love.

Aquarius is cold and analytical, preferring logic and rational thought to romanticism and sentiment. Indeed, Aquarius is capable of love, but not the sort of love that you seek. Taurus is warm and sentimental, relying on feelings and emotion… and, being an Earth sign, Taurus is often smitten with jealousy. Air signs are often afraid of commitment and value their freedom, and your possessiveness may lead to arguments more often than not.

And, the problem is, you are both so set in your ways and stubborn! The Bull will lower his horns, and Aquarius will flee and may not come back. Compromise is the only solution to your problems, but you will have to submit and give up your stubbornness in order to achieve it…

Aquarius treats sex as a game. She uses her creativity and imagination in order to make it exciting and interesting for the both of you. However, you will feel that she treats sex far too lightly. Making love is an activity with which to show your true feelings… Aquarius will treat it as lightly as a puzzle or video game.

Of course, depending on each of your star charts, this relationship may go differently. Strictly speaking, however, Taurus and Aquarius simply aren’t compatible enough to have a successful relationship. Perhaps in the short term, but Aquarius values his independence and freedom far too much for Taurus’s liking.