Scorpio and Virgo Compatibility

Water and Earth! This is often a promising combination.

Your mysteriousness and depth of emotion will incite a Virgo, making him want to know more about you. Your intellectual capacity will keep her there; Virgos are well-known for their passionate views and preference for intellectual gymnastics.

Being an Earth sign, Virgo is stable and safe, and shares your tendency for jealousy. You will both be devoted to one another; neither sign is known for being hypocritical. Virgo’s stability is not always a good thing however – she is not able to delve into your emotional depths, and she is not as sentimental as you wish. Virgo will sometimes be confused and wonder why you are making such a big deal about things that she doesn’t see as important.

You are both home-oriented, committed to family and preferring to visit well-known friends rather than go out all night partying. Scorpio wishes to be in control, and Virgo will let you do just this. However, Virgo is very talkative, and critical despite her submissive nature. Virgo never means badly, and only wants to show you that she wants what’s best for you. Her critical comments are meant to make you better, not bring you down. Remember this and don’t get angered or upset by it.

Water and Earth are very complementary when it comes to sex. Virgo is a little reserved, and you will need to exercise patience, but Scorpio’s passion and warmth are sure to melt through Virgo’s barrier in the end… just give it a few months.

Together, a Scorpio and a Virgo could have a very good relationship. Virgo will not always be as emotional as you wish, but you will always have an intelligent and talkative partner, someone you can talk to about your problems who will always listen.