Scorpio and Taurus Compatibility

Water and Earth, and as well, opposite zodiac signs? It is often that these relationships are either Heaven or Hell on Earth. It is up to both of you which one you want to choose.

There are many similarities between the two of you. Earth signs tend to stay home, preferring to build a peaceful and harmonious home. As well, Taurus is a little materialistic, like you, so you will both often spend money on your home. You are both financially capable and economically sound, however, so you can more than afford it.

Taurus is devoted and above-all loyal. Once a Bull has found a partner, they will not give up or move on easily or willingly. Scorpio has a possessive and jealous nature, so this devotion should set you at ease. As well, Taurus as her feet planted firmly on the ground, a quality you are somewhat lacking being a Water sign. And while you may be a little hasty with your decisions, Taurus takes things slowly, something you will learn to appreciate. Taurus will come to be the bedrock under your lake, holding you up and supporting you, lending his wisdom when you need it.

Taurus is not very talkative, preferring to listen to your problems. Her patience and understanding will do much for both of you, giving you an outlet for your problems and often complex emotions. However, don’t try starting an argument with your partner… once a Bull has his hooves set firmly in the ground she does not often change position. Your own tendency towards stubbornness will make arguments and fights even more problematic. Learn to back down, compromise, and listen to one another. Although Taurus has a passionate dislike to change, if you can explain yourself fully she will surely listen.

Your sex life will be a little complicated. Taurus is an expert of the voice and of touch, preferring the physical aspects to sex. You are intuitive and intense, taking sex in a deep and meaningful way, considering the emotions and feelings involved. You will enjoy sex on different levels, seeing it very differently from one another, and yet you will both understand this is the special way you show love to each other. When a Taurus makes love, this is the way to physically show their love for their partner. When a Scorpio makes love, they are doing this on a deep, intense emotional level. You are showing your love, simply on different levels.

A Scorpio and a Taurus will either work, or won’t work. The fact you are opposites on the zodiac is enough to know this. If you can cast off your stubbornness, and your need to lead the relationship, you will find an understanding and loving partner, one who will be with you forever. That is, if you let him!