Scorpio and Scorpio Compatibility

Moody and deep Water… times two? You are both so eager to be the leader that this could lead to conflict, but a little compromise and communication doesn’t hurt anyone. Besides this small problem, two Scorpios are very compatible with one another.
You are attracted to one another for much the same reasons. You both possess intense, passionate feelings and you are somewhat mysterious (you are often adrift in a sea of emotions that even you can’t fully understand.) You are both introverted, and usually prefer to stay at home, though it doesn’t hurt for either of you to get out once in awhile.
There is a characteristic that most all Scorpios have. You don’t want to be hurt. As a result, you tend to hide your true self and aren’t as trusting of your partner in the beginning as (s)he may want. With two Scorpios in a relationship together this will lead to you both being hesitant and untrusting of one another. Give each other time and patience.
Scorpios are known for their intuition, and the two of you will communicate in a world without words much of the time. You two possess such deep feelings, and a profound understanding about one another’s emotions, that you will enjoy being with your partner. You both also understand the value of jealousy. Jealousy is just an extension of your love for your partner. Here is a partner who finally understands your possessiveness!
The biggest problem you will have is the question “Who is right?” Scorpio is a stubborn sign, not very capable of flexibility. If you feel you are right about something you are arguing about, be sure that your partner feels just as strongly about his position. Arguments with a Scorpio, if let continue, will drag on all night with nothing gained. You both will need to step back from your positions and learn to compromise. Being stubborn in this case will solve nothing and only cause more problems.
While you are making love, expect an explosion of passion and energy. There is much physicality between the two of you sexually… but that is not all. Scorpios understand sex on a deeper level, riding on their intuition and emotional landscapes. For a Scorpio, making love is another way to show their deep love of their partner. Two of you together… well, expect to be exhausted and completely fulfilled afterward.
You are looking for a partner for life. Your lover is doing the same. Marriage is a strong possibility for the two of you. In order for your marriage to be successful, however, you must remember the three Cs: Compromise, Commitment, and Communication. You are committed to your partner, and this means you need to listen to him (or her) once in awhile. You aren’t going to get everything your own way with a Scorpio as your partner. However, what you will get will surely outweigh the loss of your stubbornness!