Scorpio and Sagittarius Compatibility

Water and Fire never mix well together. If you are capable of supreme self-sacrifice and compromise with your Sagittarius, perhaps… but most of the time you will be dried up, your energy sapped by the Fire’s intensity.

Sagittarius is a lover of freedom. This is a sign that craves independence, needs space, and enjoys living life to its fullest by always keeping in motion and at the center of the action. Scorpio tends to be a possessive, somewhat jealous sign. You would rather your partner stay at home with you then go out constantly with friends… you need alone time with your partner as much as he wants to have time apart.

Sagittarius does not say “I love you.” No, not nearly as much as you wished she would. This, coupled with all of the time spent outside of the house, may lead you to believe you would do so much better with a different partner, someone who shows you their love instead of their craving for independence!

Despite your jealous thoughts, Sagittarius is indeed devoted and loving. It is just he is not willing to show this to you as much as you wish. He is loyal, indeed, but he is also gone from the house as much as he is around. Scorpio enjoys quiet, relaxing evenings at home. Sagittarius prefers being out and about, enjoying the world. You are bound to have arguments over this.

You both possess an intense passion, and are strong-willed and deep with emotions. However Sagittarius shows her emotions through her actions, and you would prefer she use words instead. Sagittarius is playful and innovative, something you will enjoy most of the times, but she doesn’t nearly take life as seriously as you wish she would, especially when it comes to finances and how to spend money carefully.

And, despite his playful demeanor, when he sees something wrong with you, he says it. Sagittarius values honesty and straightforwardness. You prefer kindness and tact. You will find your feelings hurt often with a Sagittarius partner.

Your passions will combine in the bedroom. There is no greater lover than a Scorpio, and the ever-creative and inventive Sagittarius will match you in this respect. You are so different that this experience will always be fascinating and intoxicating.

In the end, you need to control your jealousy if you want to keep your partner. Sagittarius needs much freedom and independence, and from this will come a loyal, long-lasting love. The problem is letting your partner go; this takes a lot of energy out of you. The old sayings are the truest though, and if you truly love someone let them go – for they will come back if they love you as well.