Scorpio and Pisces Compatibility

It is often that two Water signs together means a marriage is imminent. There is overwhelming evidence that Scorpio and Pisces are completely compatible for one another.
There are many wonderful things about this pairing! Pisces prefers to be dominated, Scorpio is a born leader. Scorpio and Pisces both possess a deep intuition, able to feel out one another’s emotions and you can often tell when your partner is in a bad mood.
Gentle and kind, Pisces will help you through the days you feel utterly down. Your ability to make decisions for your weak-willed Fish will be greatly appreciated, as will your stability. Pisces is just as prone as you to get into moody, self-deprecating moods, and your stability will hold him up during these bad times. Likewise, Pisces is flexible and will fit in with your character, which is useful considering how bossy and stubborn you can be.
Yet… despite this, you may, at points, find your relationship even a little boring. Scorpio is stubborn and prefers to lead, for sure, but even you enjoy a little challenge every once in awhile. Pisces will always bow down to your will and you might find yourself bored with the arrangement after a few months. Of course, balancing this with all of the great things about your partner, I doubt it will be enough to make you really reconsider the relationship.
Sexually, Scorpio is an eruption of energy and passion. Pisces will be able to match you, both in your creativity and imagination, as well as your passionate energy. You will always find your challenge in the bedroom, as you both compete to please one another and show the full extent of your love.
Water signs often get into relationships thinking about marriage. You have definitely found someone who is marriage material for you – gentle, understanding, subordinate, intuitive; Pisces has so many qualities that fits you perfectly. If you have found your Fish, I recommend staying with her. You will not be disappointed.