Scorpio and Libra Compatibility

Water and Air… oh dear, look at who governs you! Scorpio – Mars, the God of War… Libra? Venus, the Goddess of Love!

There is something about your Libra that will grate on your nerves right away. Libra is a flirty sign, enjoying attention from others and is often playful and on the go. Scorpio, on the other hand, tends to be more serious and possessive… and Libra’s flirtatious nature will certainly get to you after a few months.

Libra enjoys rational, intelligent communication. Libra has the scales, and must rationalize and analyze everything around him. He calms his emotions often and never lets them get out of control. Compare this to Scorpio’s mysterious intuition, her intense emotions and feelings, and you two will often be left in the dark with one another, not knowing how to proceed.

However, Libra is flexible. She will sit down and listen to you, but the problem is how long will she follow your advice? Libra lives life to its fullest. She is ambitious and a risk-taker, preferring to wander then sit at home quietly with you (which you would much rather choose.)

Libras consider every problem from all sides, and as a result they often take a long time before picking an answer. This will drive you crazy, dear Scorpio, for you know what you want and when you want it!

Never forget to explain to your partner if you are upset… Libras are often so flighty they are not able to see when you have a problem with them. Your partner is not nearly as sentimental or emotional as you may want. Libra takes love lightly, Scorpio prefers to love deeply and intensely.

If you are honestly in love with a Libra, take a shot at it. You will need to be willing to try new things, give up your stubbornness and jealousy, and get out of the house more often. Libra can lead you on an exciting adventure through life, but only if you are open to it. If not, expect your Libra to be gone on the next gust of wind while you stay behind.