Scorpio and Leo Compatibility

Water and Fire… these signs are often so different from one another that I would recommend against it. However, the stars suggest the relationship could go either way, so if you really feel you are compatible…

Initially, the biggest attraction between both of you is the physical one. A Lion is a king in the bedroom, knowing how to make his partner feel loved and satisfied. Scorpio is full of a special passionate energy; and together you will always have a blast in bed (if you even make it to bed!) Leo enjoys being dramatic and theatrical, and definitely takes this quality to the bedroom with him to show off.

Of course, after you spend a few weeks into the relationship, you will notice a trend. Lions need to rule, and your stubbornness will work against this need every step of the way. You may have arguments about every little thing… who is picking where to eat… what movie are we watching… where are we going for the party… et cetera. In order for this relationship to work you will have to learn when to back down, dear Scorpio. Leos can be very scary in an argument, and they enjoy making scenes (something you cannot stand.) You will have to put down your pride and stubbornness, and learn to love your Leo for his good qualities (which, believe me, are many) and forgive him for his bad.

If you honestly want to continue on in this relationship, you will need to adore and compliment your partner. Leo is kind and generous when she wants to be, but has a big ego that needs constant stroking or she will become a sulky Cat. But keep in mind, if you show your partner that you possess a passionate, genuine love for her, she will be like a house cat on your lap, purring and keeping you warm through the night. Leo falls for easy compliments, and she will be like putty in your hands after a certain point. If you always remember to stroke her ego, her generosity will give you anything you wish (especially her love.)

So while you are the boss behind the scenes, you should let your Leo feel like he is in charge. Leos are all about image, about pose and the visual side of things. If you don’t mind what your image looks like, you will find your partner very easy to manipulate. And oh, are Scorpios good at manipulation!

Your relationship will start with your sex life. It will only continue if you understand that each of you possesses a very, very strong personality. You will need to learn when to back down, but of course you will also lead from your Lion’s shadow. Learn how to enjoy Leo’s theatrical ways, when to insert the right compliment or adoration, and your Cat will be all yours for as long as you want him!