Scorpio and Gemini Compatibility

Water and Air! Have you ever seen air bubbles escaping a bath? Your relationship will last as long as it takes them all to pop. The stars do not agree on your compatibility.

Gemini possesses a sharp, quick wit and a nonstop mouth. Always on the move, and possessed with a charm that characterizes Air signs, you may have been attracted to her bubbly personality (that’s just the air bubbles escaping!), the ease with which she handles twenty conversations at once and still looks good, or her nonstop action. An Air sign in action is nearly always attractive, as this is when they are most at ease and happy with their life.

If you expect your Gemini to slow down for you, think again. Geminis believe having a relationship with someone means calling them up once in awhile or seeing them at a party. You are yearning for a partner who will stay home with you, someone you can control. You will never be able to control a Gemini.

One of the big reasons Water and Air simply don’t work is because there are such differences between the two signs. Water prefers immobility, staying home and enjoying peace and quiet. Air thrives on action and movement, wishing only to flit from place to place, talking all the while. This need to move will clash so heavily with your possessive personality and jealous nature… poor Scorpio, you had better find yourself a more faithful partner!