Scorpio and Capricorn Compatibility

Water and Earth. Together, the two of you will build a lasting, peaceful home together.

What is often considered problems by other partners, your Capricorn will see as benefits. Scorpio is a very possessive, jealous partner. Capricorn, who is often insecure and has low self-confidence, will interpret this two qualities from Scorpio as a huge blinking sign describing how much you love him. As a result, you will always be appreciated and adored by your Capricorn, who will feel safe and secure knowing how much you love him.

Capricorn is a dedicated hard-worker, stable and realistic, very pragmatic. This stability will give you an anchor in the stormy sea of emotion you often find yourself in, giving you someone to cling on to when your mood turns sour for no explainable reason. Capricorn’s realism will give understanding and light to your moods, helping you evolve as a person.

You share your Capricorn’s ambition and dedication, and you will both do well at the workplace; Capricorn moreso than you, for Capricorn is a known social-climber. Your finances will always be in good shape and you will always have savings tucked away for a rainy day.

In fact you may need to get your Capricorn to calm down about her work – Capricorns tend to overwork themselves and take on a lot of responsibility at one time. With this task you are lucky, for you possess the patience and understanding this will take.

While Capricorn will have the stability and support that you so desperately need, you will also give support to your partner. Capricorns need a peaceful and relaxing home setting with which to unwind at while they are not at the office, and this is precisely what you can give your partner.

Your intuition will help with your communication, and you may be able to teach your Goat a thing or two. Capricorns take a lot of warming up for a serious relationship, and you will have to be patient and intuitive in order to get your partner to open up to you. Once you have decided upon a long-term relationship, always expect faithfulness from a Capricorn.

Something that will always throw you off-guard and keep you laughing is your partner’s sense of humor. Although Capricorns, and Earth signs in general are known for their seriousness and practicality, Capricorn has a very good, ironic sense of humor that will always manage to make you laugh.

You will most likely get the leader position in this relationship, and you must use your tact and negotiation to keep your partner happy. Although Capricorn doesn’t mind following, he has a strong stubbornness and will lower his horns when he thinks you’re trying to deny him getting his way about something he feels strongly. Learn when to back down.

Your sex life will be gentle and loving. Capricorn is sensual and excited by the art of making love, and will enjoy herself to the fullest. Scorpio has a special fervent passion and imagination solely dedicated to this, and you will always be able to captivate and pleasure your partner, who will strive to do the same for you (being such a hard and ambitious worker.)

Scorpio and Capricorn can work very well together, if given time and patience. I suggest staying around for the long haul… it will be very worth the effort!