Scorpio and Cancer Compatibility

Water and Water? You could very well create a beautiful life together! All the stars agree that you are strongly compatible.

Scorpio and Cancer have so many shared qualities! You are intuitive, sensitive, possess strong feelings and have a need to be understood. Cancer is often insecure and unstable, and needs someone dominating in a relationship – you fit the bill perfectly. Your strong confidence and stability will surely attract a Crab, who needs someone who can make her feel safe. In return for your stability, your Cancer will give much love and devotion. You may as well pack your jealousy away! This partner will never make you worry.

There are a few problems that you are going to need to deal with, and this will take patience and understanding (one of which a Scorpio has much of – guess!) Cancer, much like you, takes a long time to warm up and even longer before his shell is removed. If there is something bothering your partner, and because of your intuition you are bound to find out, you will need to be insistent in order for him to tell you what’s wrong.

Cancer is famous for his moody sessions… being governed by the Moon, his moods will often coincide with the Moon’s cycles. If you can grow some patience and wait it out, your partner will be out of the bad mood before you know it. As well, your stability and support will help in part to stop these moods, as this is often precisely why Cancer grows despaired in the first place.

There is far more good than bad in this relationship, however. Cancer shares your sense of jealousy, and you both understand and value possessiveness. Jealousy is only an extension of love, another way to show how much you love and want your partner!

Cancer wishes for a family, and you are home-oriented and prefer to look for relationships in which marriage is a strong possibility. You are both financially secure, and Cancer is excellent at making long-term investments. These qualities make it very possible for you to start a successful and happy family.

Your sex life will be brimming with emotion and love. It is not just a physical act for either of you, it is a way to completely share one another’s love. Scorpio brings in a special type of passion; Cancer brings in an almost psychic amount of intuition that guarantees both of you will fully enjoy your time together.

Simply, you must learn the cycles of the Moon and patiently ride out Cancer’s moods. Cancer will always come back to you, attracted to your intuition, your ability to understand, your deep emotions and your passionate love. You in turn will find someone who shares many interests and goals with you, and is (normally) pleasant to be around.