Scorpio and Aries Compatibility

Oh dear, Water and Fire. Scorpio is a special sort of Water sign, having more passion and vocalization, being governed by Mars. In fact, Aries is also governed by Mars! If you have the patience and there is a genuine love between the two of you, you may still be perfect partners for one another.

This relationship must have started with physical attraction, right? Scorpio and Aries both possess brimming passion, always showing through whatever they are doing. Your sex will always be exciting and different; it may seem like a competition sometimes! Aries feels she is the best, and she will certainly find a physical challenge in a Scorpio. Though you will very satisfied by making love, there is still a spiritual connection that is somehow… lacking. Aries is not very good about sentiment and romanticism.

Generally, Water and Fire are complementary. You each have what the other lacks. This can be bad as much as it is good. Aries has an exuberance and constant energy that you do not have, and yet if you are around him all the time you will end up feeling exhausted and worn out, not able to keep up with the pace. Scorpio has more of a mastery over emotion and sentiment, something Aries does not have but also cares little for. If you try to talk to your partner about a long-term relationship, expect her to roll her eyes and get anxious to move on to the next activity.

You see the details, Aries lives in the big picture. Aries prefers to surround himself with loud, excited, chatty people – you wish only for a quiet, isolated environment. Aries is the center of attention at any event she attends, you want to stay in the sidelines…

You would be much better as business partners. Aries is an initiator of projects, and Scorpio is the one who pays attention to the details, sustaining it. Aries is also open-minded to any ideas you bring to the table, which would be useful in a business partnership.

As for a romantic relationship? Normally Water and Fire signs simply don’t get along; however, you are both governed by Mars and there may be hope yet for you. Learn to change your nature, get out of the house more often, put your jealousy on hold (your Aries certainly won’t be paying attention to it) and live it up a little. You might find yourself pleasantly surprised with the changes.