Scorpio and Aquarius Compatibility

Water and Air can be a difficult mix at times. If you can find the right combination, this relationship could be like seltzer water… but it’s more likely Air will leave you far behind, dear Scorpio. Your Aquarius will be riding along the air currents, out of your grasp.

You will often see your Aquarius as detached. As well, instead of being very emotional, Aquarius is known for her objectivity and rationality, something that is so different from your emotional and intuitive ability. Aquarius wants solid answers for everything, and there is no way to begin to explain the intuition by which you have always lived your life.

Aquarius has a big need for independence, and will not appreciate your possessiveness. Aquarius finds his energy recharged when out with friends. You recharge your energy staying home and enjoying the quietness of the world. What recharges you will precisely tire out your partner, and vice-versa. If you find yourself going out to a dinner party with your Aquarius, expect to be left in the corner while your partner finds the center of the room.

Scorpio sees possessiveness and jealousy as a sign of love for their partner. Aquarius is much the opposite, enjoying freedom and independence, sometimes she might even ignore you for days! If you try to explain how much this bothers you, Aquarius will give you a weird look and not understand at all.

Your partner is unconventional, and craves motion and activity. If you try to get her to stay home with you too often, she will feel as if in a cage and your relationship may deteriorate because of it. Of course, if you try to compromise and go out with your partner, the same will happen. Water and Air signs do not mix very well for this reason.

Another problem is that you both prefer to be in control. This will lead to many arguments, especially since Scorpio and Aquarius are also stubborn when they set their minds to it. Aquarius will call you irrational and silly, not being able to understand your complex, intuitive mind. You, on the other hand, suspect Aquarius simply enjoys making you upset.

Aquarius is not the one for you, dear Scorpio. You are both too stubborn, too set in your ways to have much compromise and therefore much of a chance with one another. You should find a partner who is more compatible with you, someone who understands that possessiveness is not a bad thing and intuition is not something to be scoffed at.