Sagittarius and Taurus Compatibility

Fire and Earth? This one of those all-or-nothing combinations. You are either in for a very compatible relationship, one full of happiness and fascination, or it will just fall down, like an adobe house on fire.

There are a few kinks, obvious in the beginning of the relationship. Taurus enjoys the comfort of the home, is materialistic and enjoys a slow-paced life. You, on the other hand, are exhilarated by risks and thrilled by adventure. You want excitement, your partner wants comfort.

Sagittarius and Taurus both excel at being faithful, however. There will be no insecurity coming from your Taurus while you wander off on the next adventure. This relationship will only really be successful of you both don’t mind it being long-distance a lot of the times.

In order for you both to be happy with one another, you will need only an ounce of change. Your Bull will have to get up and move with you every once in awhile, and in turn you will have to realize when enough is enough, and come home to your partner.

You are both very passionate about your love for each other and this will come out during those special times when Sagittarius is home. Your devotion and love of for one another will especially come out while you are making love. Taurus will be the kiln to your Fire, letting your passion smolder and glow.

If you each can give up a few of your sticking points – Taurus getting out of the house, you knowing when to come home – then this relationship could work. However, Earth signs tend to be very stubborn so this relationship could go a completely different way. i.e. you come home or he leaves for a less adventurous partner.