Sagittarius and Scorpio Compatibility

Sagittarius and Scorpio compatibility… Fire and Water… you are both deeply passionate, however Scorpio’s tendency towards possessiveness and jealousy may be distasteful to you, who loves to explore and get out of the house.

This relationship will require you both to change how you look at life. Scorpio prefers to stay in the comfort of his own home, taking life at a slower pace. Sagittarius takes life faster, wants action-filled days, and enjoys change, something Scorpio rolls his eyes at and ignores.

If you can open Scorpio’s carefully-crafted shell and find out what he likes, try to invite him to those sorts of things and get him to enjoy going outside. However, if this backfires, you will often find him receding farther into his shell and it will be even more frustrating trying to pull him back out again.

A big point of contention between you is Sagittarius’s absolute love of freedom. Scorpio is a naturally jealous sign, and believes that to be possessive is to show one’s love. Therefore, he will often never want you to go out, to stay at him with him and be at his side. As well, Scorpios tend to think about relationships in the long-term, and almost always want it to end up as marriage. Sagittariuses can’t stand to be held down for long (having a special sort of wanderlust) and I doubt you will find the possessiveness an endearing quality in your partner.

At least your sex life will be amazing. Sagittarius and Scorpio both bring their own special types of passion to the table, and mixing this together will often lead to a fantastic time together. However, Scorpio tends to see making love at a completely different level then you experience it, and he may become disappointed at how you aren’t “taking it seriously enough”.

Therefore, are you two a good match for one another? I don’t think you will be staying in the relationship for a very long time, but once a Scorpio has his hands on a partner, it is often hard to get away. I wish you luck.