Sagittarius and Libra Compatibility

Fire and Air! It is often that these two signs are compatible with one another, and you may have found a partner you want to stay with for a long time (very rare for a Sagittarius!)

Libra is a romantic, more sentimental than you, but also intellectual, charming, and completely unprejudiced. You will fall in love with her elegance and refinement, her beautiful personality and sociable qualities. Here is someone after your own heart!

You love getting out in the world and meeting everyone, and your Libra will be right beside you, meeting and greeting them with you. Even when you aren’t out on the town (which isn’t often), you will always have interesting conversations with each other, intellectual in nature and always stimulating.

Libra will understand your flirtatious nature, as he has one himself. You tend towards freedom, and Libra will know when to let you go and when to real you back in with his charm and wit, which you will appreciate.

Together, the two of you can easily live life to its fullest, exploring the world and meeting its people, enjoying one another’s company and always having a good time. Libra’s infectious sentimentality will make you enjoy her company even more, and she will love your adventurous and courageous nature.