Sagittarius and Leo Compatibility

Fire and Fire! Leo is the proud Lion, you will be his Lioness in this relationship!

Your compatibility comes from your shared artistic talents. Leo is a theatrical and dramatic partner, always ready to go out and enjoy the world. Sagittarius has a special passion and love of adventure, and together you two will be a buoyant and vibrant couple. Your energy will always come from one another.

Leo enjoys being the center of attention, and especially needs to be in the leadership position. You might find this clashing with your need of freedom, but despite Leo’s need to be in authority, you will always find a way to charm your Lion into letting you do what you want.

Of course, you will let him be the center of attention if he so wishes. You enjoy giving people the admiration and adoration they deserve, and your Leo deserves much of this. Lions possess a generous heart and a love of humans in general, something a Sagittarius appreciates.

Leo’s passion for life and theatrics come out especially when you are making love. Leo will make sure you feel all the way to your bones how much she loves you, and is always sure to bring sentimental gifts and take you on special dates. The Lion is very good at courting.

A Sagittarius and Leo together can do much. You could start up a business, or work separately and build a harmonious and peaceful home to come back to after a long weekend out exploring the world and building friendships. In this relationship, you will never be lacking energy and action.